1. T H I N K Promo (part of All About Promotions Ltd)  will supply final pricing once we have sighted finalised artwork. If we have quoted prior to seeing artwork, this is indicative pricing only.
    2. All pricing excludes 15% GST and any additional freight or artwork services that may be incurred.
    3. For larger or very small volumes, we will need to requote ie: if you have asked for 300 items, then want to order 30 this would need to be requoted.
    4. We will only proceed with orders that have been approved with purchase order numbers and terms have been approved.
    5. Our quotes are valid for 30 days unless specified.
    6. By approving your quote and artwork signoff, you are deemed to have read and accepted our terms and conditions.
    7. For volumes over 100, there may be slight overage or underage on delivery of up to 2%. This is to be considered as acceptable delivery of the order with no extra charges for over-supply or credit for under-supply.
    8. All About Promotions Ltd, and their brands, will not be responsible for any unauthorised branded promotional merchandise orders where they have received what appears to be a valid authorised order from a NZ business, a NZ branch of an international brand or, what appears to be, their agent thereof. In the event that the order was unauthorised by the official brand, there can be no legal action against All About Promotions Ltd (or their brands) if All About Promotions Ltd was operating in good faith and did not know the order was unauthorised. All order costs, and any subsequent legal costs or fines, must be met in full in a timely manner by the client placing the order.

    1. We can usually send out samples of products before ordering. These are free of charge as long as they are returned within 7-10 days.
    2. With all products, every item MUST be returned with its original packaging, including un-ripped bags around garments, or this will be charged per item.
    3. All samples that have not been returned within the required timeframe will be invoiced with freight. Freight to return samples is at your cost. You will be liable to pay for the products if they are sent back in non-saleable condition or any condition other than how you received them.
    4. Sampling kits can be purchased, if needed, at a better rate.
    5. T H I N K Promo reserves the right to charge for any samples where they see fit – there may be occasions when samples aren’t available free.
    6. Pre-production samples where your branding is added to a product will be charged for.
    7. All indent orders that need to be resampled will be charged.

    1. For the best results, we require your logo format to be sent over in high resolution vector file, .eps, .ai or high res pdf formats. When submitting artwork, please ensure that all fonts are converted into curves/paths.
    2. Please provide your company PMS colours. In the absence of PMS or Pantone colours, we can select colours for you and you will be required to approve these from an electronic sample, which may appear differently on different devices. In the absence of client-supplied PMS colours, the final products must be accepted as initially approved.
    3. We can redraw or design up any logo that you need done for an additional fee, to be quoted per job. Starting costs are from $50.00 + GST for a redraw.
    4. Your first two art proofs are free of charge – any additional proofs are charged at $25 each.
    5. If artwork positions are not specified, we will assume it will be standard positioning which will appear on all proofs and final orders.
    6. All artwork proofs to be signed off by the client.
    7. Proofs should be approved via email, either signed or just stating that you are happy to proceed. This is to ensure that you have carefully checked your proof before production.
    8. We accept no responsibility if the products were branded incorrectly if you have approved the proof and full payment will be required for the branded products.
    9. If, for any reason, you are unable to view and approve the proofs, we require written confirmation that the goods supplied are at your risk and no claim will be considered.
    10. If you want slight changes made to your artwork from a previous order, a change out fee would apply. This would be quoted prior to an order proceeding.

    1. T H I N K Promo (All About Promotions Ltd) retains intellectual ownership of all proposed visuals and concepts. Any ideas proposed may not be shared with any other promotional company or utilised by the client unless using T H I N K Promo (All About Promotions Ltd) to implement.

    1. Setup charges usually apply and will be included on your quote or order confirmation – either within the quoted price or as a separate quoted line. Repeat set up charges may also apply.

    1. Sale stock is only available while stocks last. Samples can be ordered on sale stock however these will be charged and can’t be returned.
    2. We can’t hold stock on SALE items but we can hold stock on some standard products for 24-48 hours.
    3. Stock levels cannot be guaranteed at quote time as a large order can clear out stocks however if your order is time-sensitive and likely to proceed, please ask us if we are able to put stock on hold.

    1. Turnaround is generally 7-10 WORKING days from signoff of your artwork proof. If there are delays or products are out of stock and on back order, we will advise alternative delivery dates. Some products take 15 - 30 days as are sourced from offshore - always check product description as longer turnaround times are usually noted.
    2. If your delivery is time critical, please make this clear at the outset and we will check on stock levels and embellisher availability.

    1. Indent can take from 8-16 weeks to land in NZ after artwork approval and approval of any pre-production samples.

    1. T H I N K Promo will charge for courier freight on all deliveries.
    2. If you are invoiced prior to delivery and freight hasn’t been charged, you may receive a separate invoice for freight.
    3. We can offer a service where we store your products and pick and pack to multiple destinations as you require. Please contact us for a quote.

    1. All invoices are emailed.
    2. All new clients must pre-pay their orders prior to placement for the first 3 orders. We accept credit card payments for your convenience or you can pay online. We apply 3% credit card fee for all credit card transactions.
    3. Clients on account must pay by the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice. For any accounts outstanding in excess of 30 days, interest charges of 2% per month will apply and all new orders will not be processed.
    4. Direct credits can be made to:
      All About Promotions Ltd
      Please use your invoice number as reference.
    5. Any debt collection costs incurred in the process of collecting overdue debts will be payable by the debtor.

    1. No branded products can be returned unless they have been produced incorrectly against the proof or were damaged during delivery.
    2. We recommend you request a (returnable) sample to view prior to ordering if you are concerned about quality.
    3. Any concerns must be advised to T H I N K Promo in writing within 7 working days of receipt.

    1. Fees will be charged if an order is cancelled. The costs that would be charged are: product purchases to date, product repacking and restocking fee, artwork, proofs, film and visuals, freight and a 20% cancellation fee to cover admin costs.

    1. All goods remain the property of T H I N K Promo (All About Promotions Ltd) until paid for in full.
    2. We reserve the right to repossess any stock that is not paid for in full.
    3. Unpaid, overdue accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.

    1. There are occasions, usually just for large orders, where we may recommend that the product is brought in from overseas on indent.
    2. It is recommended that clients allow sufficient time for a pre-production sample to be delivered to ensure that the quality suits expectations. In the event that a pre-production sample can’t be delivered in time, T H I N K Promo takes no responsibility for the quality of delivered goods however we will endeavour to seek the quality you desire.
    3. If you have a global brand, please investigate prior to ordering whether there are any limitations on which offshore factories/agents are permitted to produce and export 'promotional' merchandise with your brand. If there are limitations on who may export these, we can custom make un-branded products offshore and have them branded in New Zealand - with official authorisation from the NZ branch of the business, or their agent. In the event of any delays, costs, legal action or fines, either offshore or in NZ, due to either unauthorised, or deemed to be unauthorised by any official body, branded promotional merchandise production which has been requested by either an NZ branch or their agent, all liability for these will fully lie with the client and be promptly resolved. T H I N K Promo (and their related brands and their agents) will not be liable for any penalties for unauthorised branded merchandise where they have received, what was genuinely perceived as, a valid order from a NZ company, branch or agent thereof.
    4. In the event of an unexpected, extraordinary closure by our factory eg: due to epidemic, fire, political strife etc, all efforts will be made to find an alternative solution but may lead to some delays. If the order can still be produced within reasonable timelines and costs that are satisfactory for the CLIENT, there will be no financial penalty against T H I N K Promo. If the order cannot be produced to suit the CLIENTS needs, the deposit will be returned in full within 5 working days. Any costs that may arise for the CLIENT, due to the order not being fulfilled as a result of extraordinary circumstances, cannot be claimed from T H I N K Promo or their related brands/suppliers/agents.

    1. Indent orders will be given lead times/delivery estimations once artwork is signed off.
    2. T H I N K Promo (Importer is All About Promotions Ltd) will take all care to deliver goods within desired timelines however there may be circumstances outside their control that may delay deliveries and there will be no financial penalty for this. T H I N K Promo has no control of any Customs delays which may result in products arriving late
    3. All goods must be paid for in full upon delivery, even if this is outside the advised likely delivery window.
    4. Clients are recommended to allow at least 6-8 weeks additional delivery time for time critical deliveries in the event of customs, shipping, political, pandemic or other unforeseen delay. Any costs that may arise for the CLIENT, as a result of goods being delayed, cannot be claimed from T H I N K Promo, or their brands, suppliers or agents.
    5. Domestic freight cost from our warehouse or port to your final delivery point(s) won’t usually be included in the original indent quote, unless requested, and will be an additional charge based on your requirements.
    6. Any pick and pack to split products between boxes and for split deliveries will also be an additional charge.
    7. There may be slight overage or underage on delivery of up to 2%. This is to be considered as acceptable delivery of the order with no extra charges for over-supply or credit for under-supply.

    1. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quote is required on signoff of art proof or pre-production sample – the order will not be placed until payment has been made.
    2. Final payment must be made within 5 working days of arrival of goods in All About Promo warehouse OR to the client, whichever is the first delivery point.

    1. On all our indent quotes, All About Promo reserve the right to re look at final costings due to fluctuations in the currency rate and freight costs.
    2. Our quotes generally include everything except local freight and local pick and pack which will be advised once the goods have arrived at our warehouse.
    1. No branded products can be returned unless they have been produced incorrectly against the proof or pre-production sample or were damaged during delivery.
    2. It is highly recommended that time is allowed for a pre-production sample prior to full production on Indent Orders to ensure quality matches expectations. If the final production run does not match or better the quality of the Pre-Production sample, then concerns need to be raised with All About Promotions Ltd within 7 working days of receipt.
    3. Any order concerns must be advised to All About Promotions Ltd in writing within 7 working days of receipt of goods.
    1. All goods remain the property of All About Promotions Ltd until paid for in full.
    2. We reserve the right to repossess any stock that is not paid for in full.
    3. Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.