Consider these qualities not only when choosing products which will represent your brand but also how the style of your branding impacts the product. If your brand is loud and ugly on a product, will that item be appreciated by the recipient or will it see out it's days in the back of a drawer?
Read more about our mission in "Sustainability in Promo."


Paula Brill, the founder, has been a greenie for many years and is tackling the challenge of mass consumerism in the promo industry head-on. It is perfectly acceptable for businesses to market themselves by branding clothing and useful products but it is key that these items are RELEVANT and USEFUL for the recipient and will not end up in landfill any time soon. This is a win for the brand, for the receiver and for the environment.

T H I N K is part of the 'All About Promo' group and it is doing the T H I N K I N G for you. It features a curated selection of products that, within the limits of the industry, are likely to be more useful, durable and ethical than many of the offers in this market. We are not purists or the site would be very empty - it is a practical selection of mindful options.


ALL ABOUT PROMO and the T H I N K brand are New Zealand's only carboNZero certified promo company. This ISO 14064-1 environmental certification is independently audited every year and covers the SERVICES, but not the PRODUCTS, that All About Promo and T H I N K sell.

ALL ABOUT PROMO is an award winning business and has won both the SUSTAINABLE and BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS awards in it's industry for the last 2 years.


Look out for our tools to help you fulfill your sustainable dreams!

When shopping, there is a Sustainability filter on the left - use it!

When viewing the Product Detail, look out for a little icon in front of the Product Name. This will indicate the Supplier OR Product credentials for this item - where we have them.

We are on a journey with developing this site and have a long way to go. We will keep sourcing suitable options to help you make sustainable choices - please keep checking back as we improve our offers.